Kentucky Husbands and Wives, Will Your Marriage be Affected by Your Spouse’s Brain Injury?

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Your immediate response to your spouse’s brain injury diagnosis was to take care of your husband or your wife. You needed to make sure that your spouse was getting the necessary medical care and that he or she was as comfortable as possible. While your spouse’s wellbeing will likely remain your top priority, you may have other concerns in the weeks and months following the injury.


One of Those Concerns May Be Your Marriage


It isn’t only your partner’s medical needs that are going to change your marriage. Your spouse’s brain injury may have a long term, or even permanent, effect on the following aspects of your marriage:


  • Physical intimacy – Sexual relations may not be possible after a significant brain injury.
  • Love and emotional support – You may lose the companionship, love and support of your spouse if your spouse’s behavior, moods, or cognitive abilities have been affected by his or her injury.
  • Standard of living – Your loved one’s ability to earn money and contribute to your family’s income may have been affected.


Of course, the impact on your marriage depends both on the specific injuries to your spouse’s brain and on your unique marital relationship. However, if you have suffered any of the above consequences of a brain injury then it is important to get the support that you need.


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