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Louisville Truck Accident Attorney for Burn InjuriesThe vehicle fire rate is significantly higher for large trucks than cars and light trucks in Kentucky. That’s why, if you suffer burn injuries in a truck wreck, you need an experienced Louisville truck accident attorney to protect your rights to compensation.

According to a Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center study, large trucks are more vulnerable to fires for a few reasons. Specifically, large trucks have:

  • Greater forces of impact in collisions. The heavy weight of semi-trucks results in collisions with tremendous force, which may impact the fuel tank.
  • Different fuel tank placements than other vehicles. Large trucks have multiple fuel tanks that each carry much more fuel than a passenger vehicle. These fuel tanks are less protected than the fuel tanks in other vehicles and may be compromised in an accident.
  • Crossover lines between fuel tanks. During a crash, the crossover lines may rupture or tear.

Semi-truck design and the potentially hazardous cargo they carry make them more vulnerable to fires and explosions when crashes occur.

Additionally, vehicle damage and injuries may prevent drivers and passengers from escaping their vehicles when a semi-truck catches fire or explodes, and they may suffer significant burn injuries in addition to other catostrophic truck accident injuries.

Types of Truck Fire Injuries

Fire injuries may include:

  • Inhalation injuries caused by the smoke or chemicals inhaled during the fire or explosion
  • Thermal burns caused by the heat and flames of the fire or explosion
  • Chemical burns caused by toxic materials that come into contact with the skin
  • Electrical burns caused by sparks from a vehicle’s electrical system that is damaged in the crash

According to our Louisville truck accident attorney, burn injuries are further classified by their degree of severity. For example, your doctor may diagnose you with a:

  • First-degree burn. First-degree burns only affect the outer layer of skin. While first-degree burns may be painful, red, and blistering, they typically do not require hospitalization or long-term care.
  • Second-degree burn. Second-degree burns affect the outer layer of skin and the dermis. Some second-degree burns require hospitalization, particularly if they occur over large areas of the body. Scarring may occur from a second-degree burn.
  • Third-degree burn. Third-degree burns impact all layers of skin and may also cause nerve damage. Hospitalization and extensive treatment are typically required.
  • Fourth-degree burn. Fourth-degree burns go down to the muscle and bone. These types of burns often require amputation and may be fatal.

After any burn, you also need to watch for other potentially life-threatening medical complications, including infections, hypothermia, and shock.

Living With Burn Injuries Suffered in a Truck Wreck

Burn injuries are incredibly painful and often require extensive medical treatment. Depending on the severity of your burn injury, you may require:

  • Hospitalization to manage your pain, treat your burns, and prevent life-threatening complications
  • Surgeries such as skin-grafting procedures and amputations
  • Medications to treat your burn, manage your pain, and prevent infection
  • Breathing assistance if your face, neck, throat, or lungs were affected
  • Plastic surgery to improve your range of motion or reduce scarring
  • Physical therapy to help with flexibility, strength, and coordination
  • Occupational therapy to help with your activities of daily living

Severe burns may require treatment for the rest of your life, and you may suffer permanent scarring that leaves you disfigured. Your life may never be the same. You deserve to make a fair truck wreck recovery that includes compensation for your past and future, and our experienced Louisville truck accident attorney can help you with:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost income
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disfigurement

Don’t Wait to Contact a Louisville Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accident fires and explosions are often complex cases that involve multiple defendants. The trucker may be at fault for causing the collision, the trucking company may be at fault for negligent hiring or failing to enforce safe driving policies, the truck mechanic may be at fault for failing to maintain the vehicle properly, and the truck manufacturer may be at fault for the truck’s negligent design.

An experienced Kentucky truck accident attorney will thoroughly investigate your truck wreck and pursue fair damages from all liable parties. In Kentucky, you typically have just one year to file a truck accident injury lawsuit. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact our truck accident attorneys for a free, no-obligation consultation as soon as possible.

We treat all of our clients like family. Call our Louisville truck accident attorney today to talk about your potential legal recovery and our No-Fee Policy.

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