Louisville Pharmacists Say Distractions and Increased Orders Cause Rx Mistakes

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If you believe that your Louisville pharmacy mistake was an accident waiting to happen, you’re probably right, according to your pharmacist.

A study recently published in U.S. Pharmacist discovered that over 80% of pharmacists believe the risk of dispensing errors is actually increasing, despite industry efforts to bring the accident rate down. Pharmacists indicated that the reason for this is mostly due to problems with the structure of retail pharmacies and the pharmacy chain’s focus on the bottom line rather than the customer. 

Here are the top-three reasons pharmacists believe dangerous prescription errors keep happening:

  • Increasing prescriptions. The number of licensed pharmacists in America has been steadily decreasing, while the number of prescription medications taken every year is on the rise. Nearly 90% of pharmacists said that a high-prescription volume in their pharmacy contributed to medication error.
  • Decreasing staff. Many pharmacists told the researchers that not only are there fewer technicians than in years past, retail chains are reluctant to hire enough of them to cope with the workload. Pharmacists in retail chains said they regularly experienced overwork and fatigue—major factors that cause dispensing errors. 
  • Workplace distractions. Since pharmacists have a limited number of support staff, they will often end up performing many non-medication related duties. Many pharmacists reported giving customers directions, answering non-pharmaceutical questions, or other interruptions that distracted them from filling orders. Others did not have adequate time for counseling, largely due to correcting avoidable errors (such as calling to confirm an order due to poor handwriting or much-too-similar drug names). 

The attorneys at Gray and White realize that these problems will continue to plague pharmacies until retail owners take responsibility for putting their customers at risk. If someone you love has suffered a pharmacy error in Kentucky, we can help you get compensation for your suffering—and we won’t charge you anything unless we win your case.

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