7 Things That Could Happen if You File a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Case

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There is one thing that you want more than anything else, the safe return of your loved one—which you know that you can never get. Why then should you consider filing a Kentucky medical malpractice wrongful death case? What’s the point?

Filing a Kentucky Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Case Is Still Important

As with any other important decision, you must weigh the pros and cons before you can decide whether or not to file a wrongful death case after the loss of a spouse, parent, child or loved one. Before you make your decision, we encourage you to think about the following things that could happen if you file a case:

  1. The discovery phase of the trial could provide you with more information about what really killed your loved one and answer your questions.
  2. You and the doctor or hospital responsible for your loved one’s death could learn what could’ve been done differently to prevent a tragic outcome.
  3. The doctor or hospital may use the specific information gathered to prevent other patients from dying the same way your loved one died.
  4. The doctor or hospital, and other doctors and hospitals, may take more preventative measures to keep other kinds of medical malpractice from occurring.
  5. Your family may recover the money that you need to compensate you for your financial losses including outstanding bills and lost income related to your loved one’s death.
  6. Your family may recover money for your suffering that allows you to start a scholarship, foundation or contribute to a charity in your loved one’s name.
  7. Your family will know that you did everything that you could to protect your loved one, even after his or her death.


Of course, there may be other benefits and costs associated with filing a medical malpractice wrongful death case in Kentucky and you should discuss your options with an experienced Louisville wrongful death attorney.

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