What to Do If Someone Dies at the Scene of Your Car Crash

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It is easy to panic. Whether or not you caused the accident, the scene is terrifying. The wreckage is unbelievable, the injuries sustained by some of the people involved in the crash are gruesome, and at least one person has lost her life. You may have never been around someone who has recently died and it can be difficult to know what to do.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do If You Are Ever in This Situation

If you find yourself involved in a fatal accident it is important to:

  • Call 911. Report both the accident and suspected fatality.
  • Do not move the person. Wait for the first responders to get to the scene.
  • If you know the person, then try to contact her spouse, parents, or children.
  • Do not to talk about the cause of the crash. It can be easy to become emotional, but you do not yet know exactly what happened or who caused the accident.
  • Make sure that you and anyone else who was hurt get medical treatment for your injuries.

Whether the person who died was your friend or a stranger, it is easy to become emotional over the death of another human being. You can stay in control by taking things one step at a time. There will be plenty of time later to think about the full impact of the fatality and of the other injuries caused by the crash.

Get Legal Help If the Person Who Died Was Your Loved One

If the person who died was someone you loved then you are going to be affected long after the accident scene is cleared. One of the things that you are going to have to do while you are grieving is to decide whether or not to pursue a wrongful death claim. For more information about that, please read our FREE book, Critical Information to Know Before Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Kentucky, and please start an online chat with us today.

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