Delayed Hospital & ER Treatment

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How to Determine Future Damages in a Kentucky Delay in Treatment Claim

Your injury was avoidable. You didn’t suffer permanent injuries because of your medical condition or because the hospital had an influx of patients with more critical conditions than yours. Instead, a lack of hospital staff, tired hospital workers, lack of staff training, or the failure…

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Delays Due to ER & Hospital Negligence Can Cause Further Injury

You waited and waited to get treatment in a Kentucky emergency room. You didn’t wait because the emergency room was crowded, and the staff was busy attending to people with conditions more severe than yours. Instead, you waited because of hospital negligence, i.e. the emergency…

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How Long Is the Wait in Kentucky Emergency Rooms?

Emergency rooms are busy places. The average amount of time before someone is discharged to their home or admitted to the hospital is measured in hours rather than minutes. A long wait does not necessarily mean that you have suffered a delay in medical care….

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What Happens When Emergency Room Staff Fails to Follow Procedures

Emergency room procedures exist for a reason. These procedures, which often include triage procedures, are meant to prevent significant pain and health complications for emergency room patients. Why ER Workers May Not Follow Procedures Despite working in an emergency room with established policies and procedures,…

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Don’t Use Social Media to Share News of a Loved One’s Death Caused by Medical Malpractice

Your loved one went to the emergency room or urgent care clinic for immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, he didn’t get it. Instead of promptly evaluating, diagnosing, and treating your loved one’s condition, he waited a long time for medical care, and that wait caused his…

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How Does a Delay-in-Treatment Case Work?

You went to the emergency room right away, but then you had to wait a long time for medical treatment. During that time, your condition worsened. Now, you want to hold the emergency room accountable and make a fair financial recovery. But before you commit to…

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