Delayed Hospital & ER Treatment

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How to Prove the Value of Your Damages in a Delay-in-Care Case

Before you can recover damages in a delay in medical care case, you must prove that the injury you suffered was caused by the delay in medical treatment and not the underlying medical condition. Specifically, you must convince the court that it was not your…

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What Happens When an Emergency Room Is Understaffed

When you showed up at the hospital emergency room with a critical medical need, you didn’t ask if they had enough staff to care for you. It was a question you shouldn’t have had to ask because hospitals that are open for business should have…

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Don’t Let These Problems Prevent Your Fair Recovery After a Delay in Emergency Room Treatment

Emergency rooms are busy places. ER staff members, nurses, and doctors have challenging decisions to make. They must prioritize who gets treatment given the resources available in the emergency room at the time. If you were hurt by a long emergency room wait, or a family member…

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Medical Malpractice Claims for Delayed Notification of Test Results

A delay in reporting diagnostic or screening test results can have severe consequences. For example: An abnormal blood test with a high white cell count could indicate streptococcal sepsis. This can be fatal if treatment is not received in a timely manner. A woman with…

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