Delayed Hospital & ER Treatment

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Possible Damages in Kentucky Delay-in-Care Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

An unreasonable delay in emergency room medical care is a form of medical malpractice. If a delay in medical care has hurt you, you deserve full compensation for your medical malpractice injuries as allowed under Kentucky law. What Delay in Medical Care Compensation May Include…

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The Danger of ER Medication Delays

You got to the hospital quickly after suffering a medical emergency. However, there was a medication that could have prevented your illness from progressing—or that may have saved your loved one’s life—but the emergency room staff failed to administer the medicine fast enough. How Could…

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What Happens When ER Staff Fail to Monitor or Observe a Patient

Maybe the emergency room triage team did their job. Maybe they recognized that you were facing a serious medical condition, and a nurse or a doctor quickly saw you. Or, perhaps you had a long wait in the emergency room waiting room. Either way, nobody…

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An Exhausted ER Nurse or Doctor Could Cause a Dangerous Delay in Medical Care

Doctors and nurses work long hours at physically and mentally demanding jobs, and, of course, they have outside lives. They may have sleepless nights, crying children, demanding pets, social obligations, and other commitments that interfere with their rest hours. Some of them work nights or…

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Hospitals May Claim That Delays in Treatment Are the Patient’s Fault

You know what happened. You waited so long for emergency room care that your condition worsened, and you suffered physical injuries that you would not have suffered if you had been appropriately triaged and promptly treated. What you didn’t expect was that the hospital would…

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Beware of ER Treatment Delays During the Holidays

The standard of care you receive in the emergency room should be the same 24/7/365. Emergency rooms have a duty to provide you with reasonable care, no matter what day of the year it is. To do this, emergency rooms must have enough staff to…

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