Was Your Child Seriously Burned Because Their Daycare/Preschool was Negligently Using Slow Cookers to Heat Bottles?

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Did you know that researchers at the Department of Trauma and Burn Services at the Children’s National Medical Center report that slow cookers and crock pots are the most common cause of burns suffered at daycare and other childcare facilities? These burns occur because daycare staff often heat formula in these devices instead of using traditional bottle warmers, quickly warming several bottles at once by putting them in hot water. However, children can reach up, yank on the cord, and pull these devices filled with hot, scalding water on top of them. If this, or something similar has happened to your child that resulted in serious burn injuries while at a daycare or preschool in Kentucky, you may have a legal claim.

Daycare or Preschool Use of Unauthorized Heating Devices is Negligence

Unlike magnetic breakaway cords that have been required on fondue devices and home fryers for over 10 years, many U.S.-manufactured slow cookers don’t have a breakaway cord. This type of cord unplugs at the breakaway point when the cord is pulled and helps prevent the device from tipping over or being pulled off the counter.

Slow cookers and crock pots are heavy and can weigh between 12 and 15 pounds. If a child pulls on the cord, this weight can fall on his head, and the hot water can scald him. Traditional slow cookers have three settings—Warm, Low, and High. Thus, daycare staff has little control over the temperature of what’s inside these devices. Without a programmable temperature gauge, even the Warm setting can reach 160 degrees or more.

Due to the sensitivity of a child’s skin, burns happen faster and burn much deeper. An adult would likely suffer 3rd-degree burns if he was exposed to 140-degree liquid for only 5 seconds, but this same exposure could be catastrophic for a child.

Negligence in Childcare Facilities Leads to Injuries Far Too Often

Licensed daycare centers are often touted as better than private babysitters because of the training the daycare staff must undergo to maintain their license. However, this training has not proven sufficient to stop burn injuries and other similar accidents from occurring. If your child suffered serious burn injuries at any of these Kentucky daycares, consult the experienced daycare negligence attorneys at Gray & White today:

  • Adath Jeshurun/AJ
  • Highland Presbyterian
  • Jaeger Preschool
  • Mayfield Academy
  • Primrose School East
  • Second Presbyterian
  • St. James Catholic School
  • St. Rita School
  • The Kidz Club
  • Or others

The Evidence of the Burn Injuries You Collect Will Be Vital to Hold the Preschool Responsible for Their Negligence

Your child may to be too young to report to you what actually happened, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Here are 5 examples of evidence that may strengthen your claim against a negligent preschool or daycare:

  • Witness statements
  • Published daycare policies/procedures
  • Photos
  • Evidence of regulatory compliance/lack thereof
  • Medical records

Our tenacious attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to collect this evidence and defend your claim, making sure that your legal rights are protected under Kentucky law. Read more about collecting evidence in daycare negligence cases here.

How Gray & White Helps Protect Your Child After a Traumatic Accident

When something as tragic as preventable burn injuries occurs, we understand that you want first and foremost to protect your child. Our team of legal professionals is here with you every step of the way, taking matters out of your hands so you can focus on your child and your family. When you work with Gray & White’s preschool injury lawyers, you can rest assured that you’re working with a team dedicated to protecting your family.

Not all lawsuits result in a trial, but regardless of how your specific case progresses, we’re equipped to make sure you and your child are compensated for pain, medical expenses, emotional suffering, and more. Read more here about what to expect during a daycare negligence lawsuit.

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