Do Your Child’s Daycare Staff Members Receive the Required Training?

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Children drawing with staff member during day careOne of the benefits of sending your kids to a licensed daycare rather than to a private babysitter is that daycare staff must have certain qualifications. These qualifications are important during the hiring process, but they are not static. Instead, staff are required to have ongoing training to stay up-to-date and to improve their skills in working with your children.

What’s Required?

According to Kentucky regulations, staff members who have supervisory authority over a child must complete:

  • A six-hour orientation training course within three months of employment. This may be completed before hiring and may follow a staff member from job to job.
  • Nine additional hours of approved training with the first year of employment. This must include one and one-half hours of pediatric abusive head trauma training.
  • Fifteen hours of training during each year after the first year of employment. This must include one and one-half hours of pediatric abusive head trauma training every five years.

Training may be completed online or in person. Completion of the required training courses should be documented in the employee’s employment record.

Additionally, Kentucky regulations require each child-care center to have a written annual plan for child-care staff professional development. It is a best practice (though not required) that the plan be individualized for each staff member.

Training Matters

Staff training is not simply a regulatory requirement that must be satisfied. Instead, it is important to the safety of your child. If your child has been hurt at daycare, then it is important to know if the required training happened. If the staff who were present at the time of your child’s injury did not receive the required training then the lack of training may be relevant to your child’s personal injury recovery.

For more information about protecting your child’s recovery after a daycare injury, please contact our experienced lawyers at any time, 365 days a year, via this website or by phone. We would be pleased to schedule a free consultation with you and to help you help your child make a fair recovery.

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