January 2018

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My child was hurt by a specific staff member at daycare. Is the daycare responsible for my child’s injuries?

In all cases, your child’s injuries are tragic and should never have happened. However, who is liable for your child’s injuries depends on the unique facts surrounding how he got hurt. It is important to make sure that a full investigation is done so that…

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Was Your Child Seriously Burned Because Their Daycare/Preschool was Negligently Using Slow Cookers to Heat Bottles?

Did you know that researchers at the Department of Trauma and Burn Services at the Children’s National Medical Center report that slow cookers and crock pots are the most common cause of burns suffered at daycare and other childcare facilities? These burns occur because daycare…

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Do Your Child’s Daycare Staff Members Receive the Required Training?

One of the benefits of sending your kids to a licensed daycare rather than to a private babysitter is that daycare staff must have certain qualifications. These qualifications are important during the hiring process, but they are not static. Instead, staff are required to have…

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Who Is Qualified to Take Care of Your Children at Their Kentucky Day Care Facilities?

As a parent, you know how hard it is to take care of young children and to keep them safe. The Commonwealth of Kentucky recognizes both the difficulty and the importance of keeping young children safe. Accordingly, regulations are in place that establish minimum staff-to-child…

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My loved one is a picky eater. Does the nursing home need to make accommodations?

Nursing homes have a duty to provide food that meets the dietary needs of each resident. This includes dietary modifications or restrictions as prescribed by the attending doctor. If you have any specific concerns about your loved one’s diet, then you should discuss those concerns…

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Housekeeping and Maintenance of Nursing Homes Are Required by Kentucky Regulations

There are risks when many people live together in a communal environment such as a nursing home. Accordingly, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has regulations in place to help protect residents and to keep them safe. These regulations cover a wide variety of topics including residential…

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