Cathy Jones Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer
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Cathy Jones, RN, MSN

Staff Nurse

Staff nurse, Cathy Jones is a registered nurse and legal nurse consultant who was born and raised in Louisville. Ms. Jones earned her Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Nursing from the University of Louisville, and her Masters of Science in Nursing from Indiana University.

For more than a decade, Ms. Jones worked at Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital in Louisville as a medical-surgical nurse and an ICU nurse. She has also been a part time instructor at the Jefferson Community College School of Nursing. For more than 30 years, Ms. Jones has worked as an independent legal nurse consultant with law firms in the Louisville area.

After caring for her mother while her mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, Ms. Jones became a facilitator of a local support group for Alzheimer caregivers. She regularly provides support for families who have a loved one with this condition.

Additionally, Ms. Jones is an important part of the trial team at Gray and White Law. As a legal nurse consultant at Gray and White Law, she works closely with our attorneys on case evaluation, discovery, and trial preparation. As a nurse, her skills in obtaining and reviewing medical records, working with expert witnesses, and answering discovery requests are a vital part of our litigation team.

Ms. Jones answers many of our clients’ most difficult questions. When families can’t get answers from doctors about the cause of birth injuries, serious, or fatal accidents, Ms. Jones can review the medical records with them and help them understand what happened. She often goes to the homes of families of wrongful death victims and people who have been seriously injured so that she can listen to those who are suffering and help them find the resources that they need during very difficult times.