Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Kentucky

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Although riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, it comes with some risks. Motorcycle accidents kill thousands of motorcycle riders every year, and nearly hundreds in Kentucky alone. Many more result in horrific injuries. If you are a motorcycle rider, here are some tips to stay safe during your next ride.

Studies show that most motorcycle accidents are caused by the other driver. Because motorcycles are smaller, they are often harder to see. Therefore, it is important to be cautious around cars and trucks and try to anticipate their next move whenever possible.

Paying attention to the laws is important. Speeding and driving recklessly can cause accidents. Do not tailgate other drivers or suddenly cut in front of them. Give other vehicles some cushion in case they need to make sudden moves.

Being aware of road and weather conditions is also important. Rainy weather can cause hydroplaning and spin-outs, which can cause major injuries, if not fatal ones.

Slow down in inclement weather. In addition, uneven roads and potholes can also cause accidents. Pay attention to the road so you have a plan of action when a bump in the road or other obstacle comes your way.

Contacting Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney

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