Pedestrian Injured in Crosswalk Gets Policy Limits

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Policy Limits

One day, a 37-year-old male was crossing the street in a crosswalk when he was hit by a motor vehicle. He suffered a skull fracture and a broken arm in the accident.

At the time of the accident, the man worked as a technology consultant. It was his job to travel weekly and to put on sales presentations. These injuries significantly interfered with his job; he couldn’t perform his job functions because of his skull fracture and broken arm.

When our client came to us for help, there were several obstacles standing between him and a fair recovery for his accident injuries. Specifically, eyewitnesses gave conflicting statements about the crash and the traffic camera at the crosswalk was broken and provided no footage of the accident.

We Overcame Those Obstacles and Settled This Case for the Full Amount of the Insurance Policy

This case was resolved prior to trial and this recovery allowed our client to obtain the necessary physical rehabilitation. He was able to recuperate from his injuries before getting back on the road for his job.

If you or a loved one has suffered similar injuries in a pedestrian accident then we encourage you to learn more by reading our free articles “Four Common Ways a Kentucky Skull Fracture Could Result in Brain Damage” and “What You Need to Know About a Louisville Pedestrian Accident” and by contacting us directly via this website for a free, confidential consultation.