After filing a Kentucky personal injury claim with my insurer after a crash in Louisville, my insurance company wants to send me to an Independent Medical Exam. Must I go?

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When your claims adjuster requests that you attend an Independent Medical Exam (IME), you should first refer the request to your Louisville accident attorney. Your insurance policy must stipulate that you are required to participate in the evaluation for the request to be valid. If the policy does not contain a contractual obligation for you to undergo an IME, you do not have to agree to do so.

A common step in settling a Kentucky personal injury claim is submitting to an IME as requested by your insurance company. Many insurance policies make this a requirement when you file a claim, as it allows them to verify your injuries through a medical professional of their choice.

The purpose of an IME is to have the insurance company’s doctor evaluate your injuries and give their opinion. More often than not, they will side with the insurer and say your injuries are not serious or were not caused by the accident. This means the insurance company can decrease or deny your settlement because they now have “proof” that they are not liable to pay for your damages.  

This event can be damaging to your claim if not handled properly by an experienced Louisville accident attorney. There have been cases where the medical professional sides more with the insurance company and downplays or denies your injuries. To protect your rights and preserve your Kentucky personal injury claim, you may need help from an experienced Louisville accident attorney early on.

Contacting a Louisville Accident Attorney

Before accepting any settlement from the insurance company you need to know what’s fair and necessary for your future needs. Insurance companies don’t care if their settlement offer will protect you and your family if extra medical treatment is necessary for your injuries.

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