My loved one had a limited life expectancy and was residing in a nursing home when she was abused by nursing home staff. Does she still have a possible lawsuit even though she was not expected to live very long? Should we still contact a Louisville nursing home abuse lawyer?

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We are sorry to hear that your loved one was abused in the very place that was supposed to care for her during the final stage of her life. Elderly and infirmed patients deserve respect and compassion rather than abuse and fear. If your loved one suffered a physical, emotional, or financial injury as a result of nursing home abuse in Kentucky then she may have the right to file a lawsuit regardless of how long her life expectancy was at the time that the abuse occurred. 

Living people have the same right to file a lawsuit whether they have many years or only a few days left to live. While their rights may be the same, however, their damages may be different. Some damages such as future medical bills and compensation for future physical pain and emotional suffering will be limited based on your loved one’s life expectancy prior to the abuse. 

That said, civil lawsuits for Kentucky nursing home abuse or neglect serve several important purposes. One is to compensate the victim for what has happened. Another is to hold those responsible for the abuse accountable, and still another is to deter future incidents of nursing home abuse and neglect in Kentucky. 

Has Your Loved One Been Injured In A Nursing Home?

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