The nursing home is telling me I can’t come by or bring my children to see their grandparent. Can this be considered as nursing home abuse in Louisville, Kentucky?

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When a nursing home tells you that children and other visitors are not allowed to see a resident, it can be considered nursing home abuse in Kentucky, based on what defines abuse and neglect. You should bring your case to a Louisville nursing home abuse attorney to determine if you can take legal action against the negligent parties. 

Abuse falls under 6 categories: physical, emotional, sexual, exploitation, neglect, and abandonment. A senior center that denies visitations by friends and family can cause the resident to feel emotionally torn, abandoned, and neglected. 

Studies show that it’s important to visit with loved ones in nursing homes as much as possible to make them feel part of the family. In fact, many nursing homes encourage family members to even take residents out for the day and bring children to visit their grandparents. When a resident loses touch with their family, it can be emotionally devastating, so a nursing home has a duty to make residents feel loved. 

It is one thing for a nursing home to not allow visitors during certain times, but when nursing homes prohibit visitors during normal visiting hours, it is often a sign of some other underlying issue. Many nursing homes prohibit visitors because their loved on displays signs of physical abuse. Nursing home staff may not want visitors to question any lacerations or bruises on the resident’s body, so they do what they can to keep visitors at bay; however, this is illegal and may raise a huge cause for concern. 

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