When a Medical Radiation Error Is Dangerous for a Louisville Patient (Part B)

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Medical Radiation Error Caused by Radiation Treatment

Another way that a patient can be injured by a medical radiation error is through radiation treatment. Cancer patients often undergo this type of therapy to kill cancerous cells. However, a mistake by a doctor or another medical staff member could lead to severe or fatal consequences.

Without proper monitoring of a patient, radiation treatment that is harmful could go on for weeks. Meanwhile, the patient could suffer serious injuries. One type of severe injury that can be deadly is a radiation burn. 

Ensuring that the proper amount of radiation is being used on a patient and for the correct amount of time is vital. While it can be helpful in killing cancer cells, it can also be fatal if a mistake of any type is made.

Failure to monitor a patient properly may be the cause for this type of medical radiation error, and so can improper training. Medical staff should be trained in knowing how to use the machine, checking that it’s dispensing the right amount of radiation and detecting potential problems.

Help from Louisville Medication Error Attorneys

You may have a lot of questions about your rights and what legal options may be available if you believe that you or a loved one was the victim of a medical radiation error. Discussing your case with Louisville medication error attorneys can help.

If an attorney finds that a medical provider is liable, he or she will explain the types of damages that you may be entitled to. You could receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Don’t delay seeking legal counsel from an attorney who has handled these types of cases and understands what you are going through.

Contacting Louisville Medication Error Attorneys

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