Preventing Louisville Medication Error: 10 Key Administrative Elements (Part B)

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If you have suffered the consequences of a Louisville medication error, you deserve justice and compensation for the negligence that was perpetrated against you. With a caring, compassionate, hard-working lawyer you have the chance to collect a fair and full settlement through your claim for your medication error in Kentucky.

10 Elements of Medication Administration: The Next 5 Steps

A failure at any of these elements can cause a medication error: 

  • drug devices – ensuring that drug delivery systems are properly calibrated and are being used appropriately is vital to ensuring the integrity of the system and the safety of all patients;
  • environmental effects – maintaining a system that prevents errors can be complicated by environmental factors, which can include poor lighting, disruption, or stressful workloads on existing personnel;
  • staff training – all personnel should be properly trained on new medications, high-alert medications, common medication errors, and all procedure pertaining to proper medication usage;
  • patient instruction – an important part of medication distribution is that patients are educated properly on how to take the medications, including their interactions with other medications, food and drink, potential side effects, and protocol in the event of complications; and
  • quality process and risk management – understanding how errors occur and implementing a rigorous system of checking and monitoring problem areas can greatly reduce the number of errors that are likely to occur. 

Medication errors are surprisingly common, and often the product of simple oversight in a medical environment like a hospital, pharmacy, or nursing home. Since there are so many points at which a mistake can be made, unfortunately, the likelihood of a Louisville medication error is quite high. 

If you or someone you care about has been adversely impacted by a medication error in Kentucky, contact an attorney at a Louisville medication error law firm who is able to help you handle the fallout and the complex legal processes necessary for attaining justice for you and your family.

Contacting a Louisville Medication Error Lawyer

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