How Motorcycle Helmet Laws Affect Personal Injury Claims (Part B)

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When Motorcycle Helmet Laws Are Not Followed 

If you are on a motorcycle without a helmet, it may be difficult to fight for your claim. If you were not following helmet laws, that will be the defendant’s first line of attack on your lawsuit claim. They will try to eliminate negligence or liability if your injuries were the result of your inability to follow the motorcycle helmet laws in the state. 

Even if you were following the law as a motorcycle rider, not wearing a helmet may cost you a lot in terms of your lawsuit. Head or facial injuries sustained are going to be consistently argued by the defense because they will claim that had you exercised good sense and worn a helmet, your injuries would not have been as severe. The goal is to prove that while their client may be responsible, they aren’t fully responsible because you may have prevented serious injury by wearing a helmet. 

Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with saying a person in a passenger automobile should have been wearing a seat belt, even though it wasn’t within the realm of the law. Sure, they could have (and probably should have) buckled up, but it’s still not their fault that they were hit by another driver.                                                                                             

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This can all be very confusing, and the people you are suing in your accident claim are going to do everything that they can to avoid paying damages. This is why you need a reputable, dependable Jefferson County injury lawyer on your side. 

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