Semi-Trucks May Cause Devastating and Fatal T-Bone Accidents in Kentucky

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When most people picture a semi accident site, they see a busy multi-lane highway packed with cars, the tractor-trailer swerving sideways into a family vehicle. But what many people don’t realize is that they are equally at risk when a semi is traveling at low speeds on city streets—and that even an accident at an intersection can prove fatal.

Semi-truck T-bone crashes are typically caused when a truck fails to stop in an intersection or collides with a car while making a left turn. Although the truck may be traveling relatively slowly, the mass of the trailer can cause serious injuries to those in its path.

T-bone accidents in KY may cause drivers in smaller vehicles to suffer:

  • Head injuries. Drivers and passengers who are hit from the side will often strike their heads against the windows and windshield, causing skull fractures and closed head injuries. Patients may need surgery to repair the damage or may lapse into a coma if the brain is unable to cope with the trauma.
  • Spinal cord injuries. If a victim’s spinal cord is crushed or severed in a T-bone accident in KY, a person may lose the ability to control his arms and legs. This paralysis will result in a loss of movement, but also loss of sensation, an inability to control the bowels or bladder control, and may result in the loss of ability to perform sexually or have children.
  • Internal injuries. Broken bones and metal fragments from a mangled vehicle will often penetrate victims’ bodies in a crash, causing internal bleeding that must be corrected quickly in order to avoid permanent brain damage or loss of life.
  • Death. Trucks have much higher momentum than smaller vehicles. Even at lower speeds, trucks carrying heavy loads will often crush smaller cars, causing a delay in rescue attempts that cause many victims to suffer death at the scene of the accident.

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