Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Increase Significantly

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A new study has been released about how often pot may be involved in fatal car accidents. The study, completed by researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health report that the number of fatal car crashes involving pot have increased significantly over the past decade.

Fatal Auto Accidents Involving Marijuana Tripled Over the Past Decade

That was the key finding of the study. Additionally, researchers found that:

  • Currently about one in nine drivers tests positive for marijuana after a fatal crash.
  • If the trend continues, then by 2019 or 2020 non-alcoholic drugs may become the most common cause of impaired driving deaths.
  • Fatal accidents involving alcohol remained about the same over the decade.
  • In 1999, drugged driving accounted for about 16 percent of fatal accidents. By 2010, drugged driving accounted for about 28 percent of fatal crashes.
  • Marijuana accounted for much of this increase. In 1999, marijuana use was found in about four percent of fatal accidents. By 2010, marijuana was found in 12 percent of fatal wrecks.
  • The increase in marijuana use was found across all age groups and both genders.

Marijuana use and alcohol have similar effects on drivers.

Is This a Wake-Up Call?

An official with the Governors Highway Safety Association thinks so. As the legalization of pot continues to gain momentum in the United States, it will become even more important to try to reverse this trend.

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