Man Who Started Chain Reaction Car Accident Faces Charges

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Police said that the man who is responsible for causing a chain reaction car accident on I-65 in Kentucky, did not have a valid license.  The Kentucky car accident involved at least three other vehicles on the interstate.

Jesus Robles, a 26-year-old man, is being held in the custody of Louisville Metro Corrections Department following the accident that injured several people.  Robles has not held a valid Kentucky license during the last four years that he has lived in the state, despite the fact that he has been charged with 12 different traffic offenses in the past year and half.

The multi-vehicle crash lined both sides of I-65 before the Woodbine exit near U of L for a good portion of rush hour.

Robles is facing numerous charges following the accident, including operating on a revoked license, negligence in an accident, two counts of wanton endangerment and failure to maintain insurance.

The accident victims are not believed to have sustained life-threatening injuries, but the police report has not been released.

Robles was charged in February 2008 with careless driving, no license and no insurance after an officer witnessed him weaving in and out of traffic on I-65.  In August 2008, he was pulled over on I-65 for reckless driving, after police say he almost crashed into 3 to 4 other vehicles.

In January, Robles was charged with DUI.  However, he was fined less than $1,000 for all of his traffic violations.

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