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You never know when you are going to be hurt in a car, bus, or truck crash on I-65, I-264, or another roadway. You can’t predict a medical malpractice incident, or prescription drug injury that will take the life of your spouse after treatment in a Louisville hospital. You can’t imagine the pain you will experience if your child suffers a birth injury at a Louisville hospital or if your grandparent is abused in a Kentucky nursing home.

We Hope That You, and Your Loved Ones, Never Experience This Kind of Pain

Unfortunately, these types of injuries are common. You can’t predict when a personal injury will change your life—if you could predict it then you would prevent it. However, you can be prepared for a possible injury.

The lawyers of Gray & White Law want everyone in Louisville, and throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky, to know:

  • How to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • How to get the support they need after an injury or after a loved one has been killed.
  • What their legal rights may be after a transportation crash, medical malpractice incident, nursing home injury, mass tort injury, or other type of personal injury.
  • Why there are reasons to be hopeful about the future.

Our monthly newsletters will keep you to date on important events in our community and on important things that you need to know to help protect your family. We hope that our newsletters will put your mind at ease.

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