There are many injuries car accident victims can sustain in a wreck, but some of the most common and painful injuries are meniscus tears. If you suffered any damage to your knee in a crash, you may have torn your meniscus or suffered an ACL or MCL tear. Find out more in this video.

When a car accident victim’s knee gets hit in a crash, the knee can twist and bend in unnatural ways. As a result, the meniscus can tear and cause cartilage damage and the inability to place weight on the injured leg. Unfortunately, this can cause severe pain and lead to a lengthy recovery—especially if other knee injuries also occurred. Recovering from a meniscus tear and other knee injuries can take time. Not only will you likely lose valuable income from being out of work, but you will be faced with a stack of mounting medical bills.

Because you didn’t cause the car accident that caused your injury, you shouldn’t have to pay the price physically and financially. Let an auto accident attorney help you make a financial recovery while you focus on making a physical recovery. Call the Law Office of Gray and White in Louisville for a free consultation at 888.450.4456 or online at

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