Whether you suffered a Kentucky brain injury in a car accident, work accident, or slip and fall accident, it is important to remember that the insurance company will attempt to avoid paying you what your claim is worth. Watch this video to learn about the games an insurance company may play at your expense.

Although insurance companies know that brain injuries are serious injuries that can affect you for life, a trained insurance adjuster will know how to trivialize your injury. If you delayed seeking medical help, the insurance adjuster will use this detail to avoid paying you what your Kentucky brain injury claim is worth. Although adjusters know that a brain injury is difficult to diagnose and may take days or weeks to be identified following an injury, they will still do everything in their power to reduce the amount of compensation you deserve.  For this reason, you need a skilled Louisville brain injury lawyer on your side.

An attorney who has represented other brain injury victims in Kentucky knows how to present the correct evidence to strengthen your case and get you the best compensation possible. To combat the games the insurance company plays and to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, call Gray and White at 888.450.4456 for a free consultation or contact us online at

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