Did you suffer a medication mistake or a prescription error that caused you pain and injuries instead of relieving your pain? Sadly, you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of medication errors in this nation annually that are caused by negligent doctors, nurses or pharmacists. A Kentucky medical malpractice lawyer explains more in this video.

Medicines are supposed to help us, not harm us. When the wrong medication or wrong dose of medicine is administered, serious consequences could be the result. Many prescription errors in Kentucky and nationwide occur that involve dosage errors, pharmacy errors, overlooked drug allergies, overlooked drug reactions, and more. Sadly, these errors have been known to lead to brain damage, long term disability, and even death.

Did you receive an incorrect dose or the wrong medication? This should have never happened if protocols were in place or a medical professional was being careful. Call a Louisville medical malpractice attorney at Gray and White at 888-450-4456 today to find out about compensation for your injuries that occurred as a result of this medication error.

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