Whether you are in a traffic accident on Dixie Highway or on Main Street, serious injuries take place in car crashes. Watch this video to find out about some of the common injuries and why serious injuries occur in collisions.

When a vehicle is moving at a high rate of speed and collides into a slower moving car or stopped vehicle, the occupants in both cars will be jolted and possibly thrown into hard objects like the steering wheel or dashboard. When this happens or when the body moves in unnatural positions, bones, muscles, and ligaments may be injured. Additionally, head injuries, spinal injuries, and organ damage, among other injuries may also occur. Sadly, sometimes limb amputations and other permanent disabilities are the result of car accidents.

If you are the victim of an auto accident, there is no reason you should be suffering physically and financially. Find out how we can help you seek maximum compensation so that you can get the full financial recovery you deserve to help you make the best physical recovery possible. Call the Law Office of Gray and White in Louisville for a complimentary consultation today at 888.450.4456 or online at

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