10 Tips for Driving Long Distance During the Winter

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Taking a long-distance trip during the winter can become dangerous if you aren’t prepared and don’t practice safe driving. Despite your best efforts, however, someone else may act in a careless or reckless manner and cause you to be injured in an accident in Louisville. If you sustained serious injuries, you should consult with a Louisville personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Here are 10 tips for driving long distance in the winter: 

  • tell someone where you’re going and when you’re expected to arrive;
  • check the exhaust pipe to make sure it isn’t clogged with ice or snow;
  • check ahead of time to find out what the weather is expected to be like;
  • if weather conditions are expected to be dangerous, delay traveling;
  • keep a cell phone handy and make sure it’s fully charged before leaving;
  • have your vehicle inspected before taking a long trip;
  • always keep at least half a tank of gas in your vehicle;
  • avoid driving in isolated areas at night;
  • if you become stuck, call someone for help; and
  • if you’re snowbound, don’t leave your vehicle; stay with it. 

These tips can make driving long distance in winter safer for you and your family.

Seek help from a Louisville personal injury attorney if you’d like to learn what legal options may be available after being injured in an accident. You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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