January 2012

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What should I do if I think that my pharmacist gave me the wrong medication?

If you suspect that the medication given to you by a pharmacist is wrong, call your doctor before you take it. When you are given the wrong medication by a pharmacist and it causes you to suffer serious injuries, you may be entitled to compensation….

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Causes Leading to a Kentucky Nursing Home Patient Suffering an Impacted Bowel

Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyers may be able to help if your loved one is a nursing home patient with an impacted bowel and has suffered serious or life-threatening complications. You should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to learn what your loved…

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What are some signs of an allergic reaction to a prescription medication?

An allergic reaction to a prescription medication may lead to the doctor being held liable. For help in determining if you have a valid case worth pursuing, your next step should be to speak with a Louisville medication mistake lawyer. Signs of an allergic reaction…

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6 Bathroom Safety Tips for the Elderly

Accidents in the bathroom are quite common among the elderly. However, many of them could be avoided by following some safety tips. If your loved one was seriously injured due to the negligence of a caregiver or nursing home facility, then you may be entitled…

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FDA to Consider Risks of Dissolvable Tobacco Lozenges

According to a report from Health Day, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the safety and risks of dissolvable tobacco lozenges. These lozenges aren’t designed to help smokers quit but rather, serve as a temporary fix when in a non-smoking area. With…

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How many nurses are required to be on duty at any time in a Louisville nursing home?

Determining how many nurses should be on duty at any time in a Louisville nursing home will vary. If you believe that someone you love suffered injuries due to neglect, you may wish to speak with a Kentucky nursing home abuse law firm. State and…

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