What should I do if I think that my pharmacist gave me the wrong medication?

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If you suspect that the medication given to you by a pharmacist is wrong, call your doctor before you take it. When you are given the wrong medication by a pharmacist and it causes you to suffer serious injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn what options you may have available, seek assistance from a Kentucky medication error lawyer as soon as possible.

If you have already taken the medication and you begin to feel ill, you should be seen by a doctor immediately.

Be sure to maintain all evidence that is connected to your situation: 

  • the prescription bottle;
  • accompanying instructions;
  • medical records;
  • the written prescription; and
  • any other documentation that may be helpful in proving negligence.  

Preserving evidence is very important in this type of complicated case.

If you recover quickly from taking the wrong medication, it probably is not worth pursuing a claim against the pharmacist. The effort, time and cost to pursue this type of case will only be lucrative if you suffered serious injuries and are facing significantly high medical costs, in addition to life-altering affects.

Whether you received the wrong medication from a major chain such as CVS or Walgreens, or a smaller pharmacy such as Audubon Pharmacy, you may have the right to compensation if it caused you to suffer injuries. The best way to learn if you have a valid case is to speak immediately with a Kentucky medication error lawyer. A lawyer can determine if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing.

Contacting a Kentucky Medication Error Lawyer

A lawyer at Gray and White can help you handle every aspect of your prescription error claim. If you’ve become the victim of a prescription error in Kentucky, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case – 888-450-4456 or 502-210- 8942.