FDA to Consider Risks of Dissolvable Tobacco Lozenges

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According to a report from Health Day, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the safety and risks of dissolvable tobacco lozenges. These lozenges aren’t designed to help smokers quit but rather, serve as a temporary fix when in a non-smoking area.

With some of these products still being tested and others already being marketed, there are concerns being raised as to the potential for nicotine poisoning or addiction. While the concerns are greatest among children and teens, even adults could be at risk.

Part of the problem is the designing of the packages and the products themselves, which makes them look like candy. It eliminates the mess of chewing tobacco, the smell of smoke from cigarettes and makes popping one after another quite easy.

The FDA is also concerned about the potential for nicotine poisoning, whether it’s from a child mistaking the lozenge for a candy or an adult taking too many at a time. Some of the complications of nicotine poisoning include heart palpitations, muscle paralysis, seizures or even death.

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