Medication Errors

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Computer Entry May Cut Prescription Errors by Almost Half

In 2007, the Institute of Medicine alleged that the average hospital patient was subjected to one medication error every day. This was before Congress began providing money for a national health information technology infrastructure, which provides a useful baseline to determine how well computerized provider…

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Medication Errors May Be Preventable for Elderly in Kentucky

A recent study looked at how medication errors could be reduced for our nation’s elderly population. Currently, the elderly make up about 15% of the total population in the United States, but they take about 30% of the prescription drugs in this country. According to…

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Would You Know if You Were the Victim of a Medication Error in KY?

A recent study published in Critical Care Medicine journal found that patients are rarely told when a medication error is made in a U.S. hospital. According to researchers, most medication mistakes do not result in harm to patients. However, the medication errors that were most…

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Who Can Help Reduce Medication Errors in Kentucky Emergency Rooms?

Kentucky emergency rooms are busy places. It can be difficult for doctors and nurses to accurately confirm all of the medications, and doses of medications, taken by every patient that walks through the door. However, it is important for doctors and nurses to have this…

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Kentucky Doctor Ordered to Close Practice

Dr. James Bridges, a Tennessee-licensed physician, had his temporary Kentucky license taken away when it was discovered by the state Board of Medical Licensure that he was dispensing “large quatities of narcotics.” The Board’s Medical Investigator, Doug Wilson, said the exact medications were oxycodone—a very…

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OTC Medication Errors Dangerous

Pediatric medication errors can be some of the most heart-wrenching and deadly, report Louisville medical malpractice attorneys. Just recently pediatric medication errors have been reported by parents using over-the-counter teething pain products.   The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning against the use of benzocaine…

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