September 2012

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Why are spinal cord injuries different than other types of back injuries?

There are many ways that a Kentucky back injury can cause pain and suffering for someone in your family. However, a spinal cord injury carries particular complications, making it one of the more serious injuries a victim can suffer. The spinal cord runs from the…

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I’m in the market for a new car, and I’m doing my research. Are lane departure warning systems effective?

The jury’s still out on that one. A recent study by the Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, reported that lane departure warning systems did not seem to reduce the number of accident claims. In fact, some cars…

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Mother of Girl Killed Last Year Sues Railroad

Phillita Jill Ammons of Harrodsburg filed a complaint in Mercer County Circuit Court against Norfolk Southern and an unnamed company that may have performed maintenance along the railroad track where her daughter was killed. Ammons’ daughter, Sophia Dawn Ammons, also of Harrodsburg, was killed at…

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Kentucky Doctor Ordered to Close Practice

Dr. James Bridges, a Tennessee-licensed physician, had his temporary Kentucky license taken away when it was discovered by the state Board of Medical Licensure that he was dispensing “large quatities of narcotics.” The Board’s Medical Investigator, Doug Wilson, said the exact medications were oxycodone—a very…

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Three Hurt in Goody Two Car Accident

Running a red light proved to be a poor choice for Verda “Burrhead” Justice, 61, of McVeigh, KY when he ended up crashing in to an SUV driven by an elderly woman. Doris Bevins, 88, of Williamson, was turning her Toyota Highlander in to the…

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Several Injuries in Hopkins County Accidents

Madisonville police had a busy week dealing with a couple different car crashes that left some locals with non-life threatening injuries. A three-vehicle accident on Nebo Road in Hopkins County injured several people. Handicapped individuals riding in two Ford vans were among the injured. The…

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