Several Injuries in Hopkins County Accidents

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Madisonville police had a busy week dealing with a couple different car crashes that left some locals with non-life threatening injuries.

A three-vehicle accident on Nebo Road in Hopkins County injured several people. Handicapped individuals riding in two Ford vans were among the injured.

The husband of one victim said that a dump truck rear-ended one of the vans, resulting in that van crashing into the one in front of it. This took place at the intersection of Nebo Road and 1034.

Many passengers were injured in some way and though none were especially serious, they were still transported by ambulance to RMC for evaluation and treatment. Madisonville Fire Department, Madisonville Police Department and Med Center Ambulance Services were all involved at the scene of the accident.

Within the same week, the Madisonville Police Department and Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office officials also found themselves at the scene of an accident involving a child in Hopkins County. A 16-year-old was driving and turned right onto North Kentucky Avenue from East Arch Street and lost control of the car. The driver hit the corner of a building with the 2003 Chevy Impala and then hit the 12-year-old, who was walking south on the sidewalk, with the car’s bumper.

The driver was not injured, nor was their 42-year-old passenger. The 12-year-old was treated and released at RMC.

The Kentucky car accident lawyers at Gray and White wish all of the victims speedy and full recoveries.