Why are spinal cord injuries different than other types of back injuries?

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There are many ways that a Kentucky back injury can cause pain and suffering for someone in your family. However, a spinal cord injury carries particular complications, making it one of the more serious injuries a victim can suffer.

The spinal cord runs from the back of the head to the tailbone and is protected by the vertebrae. It carries commands from the brain to the rest of the body (such as telling our arms and legs when to move) and sends tactile information back to the brain (such as how hot or cold something is). The biggest problem with a spinal cord injury is that the nerve cells in the spinal cord cannot regenerate once they have been lost, so if the cord has been severed, the victim will likely suffer irreversible paralysis.

A spinal cord injury may be caused by:

  • Car accident. About half of all spinal cord injuries in the United States are a result of motor vehicle accidents.
  • Traumatic events. Any sudden impact can cause a spinal cord injury, including falls, fights, full-contact sports, gunshot wounds or domestic abuse.
  • Medical malpractice. Some medical conditions may result in paralysis if the spinal cord is severed during treatment. If you were paralyzed due to a surgical error, your doctor may be liable for the loss of your mobility.

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