Drug allergies can lead to serious, even deadly, outcomes. When it is the result of a mistake on behalf of a nurse, doctor, pharmacist or any other medical provider, it makes the situation even more devastating. You should consult with a Louisville injury law firm that handles malpractice cases to learn what legal options may be available. 

Severe reactions to a drug can be prevented many times. The most obvious, yet sometimes the most neglected step, is to verify with a patient any allergies he or she may have to certain medications.

Before providing medication in a clinic, handing out samples or writing a prescription, physicians should always verify drug allergies. If patients indicate drug allergies, this information needs to be noted in an area where it is easily seen. Some clinics will use an allergy label, often in a bright color to draw attention to it. 

Another way to prevent drug allergies is not to use abbreviations when writing down any medication-related information. Some of these abbreviations can be misread, or they can be off by one letter and mean something entirely different.

When medication errors lead to drug allergies and severe reactions, compensation may be available if it was the result of medical negligence. Contact a Louisville injury law firm to learn what your rights are. 

Contacting a Louisville Injury Law Firm

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