Paralyzed Musician Awarded $6.2 Million Due to Pool Accident

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A former musician, who became paralyzed due to a pool party accident in 2005, was awarded $6.2 million by a jury that determined the apartment complex premise owner was mostly liable for failing to close the dangerous swimming pool or to warn guests of water levels that fell by at least 1.5 feet.

According to court records, the jury found both plaintiff and defendant responsible for the premise related accident, that is, the paralyzed plaintiff was determined 49% responsible and the apartment complex owner defendant was 51% liable for the injuries relating to the swimming pool incident. Based on the jury’s liability split, the paralyzed man (now, a quadriplegic with limited use of his arms) received 51% of $12.4 million in damages. The defense lawyer plans to appeal the verdict claiming that the plaintiff’s judgment at the time of the accident was impaired by alcohol and that but for his blood alcohol level the pool’s depth was obvious. The victim, who expressed his hopes to continue writing songs by computer (and recently purchased a harmonica “so at least [he] can play an instrument”) was a guitarist, singer and songwriter for the band formerly known as JVD who moved from New York to Texas two years before the accident.

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