The Dangers of Signing a Medical Authorization Form

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When you’ve been seriously injured in a truck accident and the truck company’s insurance company asks you to sign a waiver releasing your medical records, their reasons may sound compelling. After all, how will they know what your injuries are if they can’t see some official documentation?

But beware; insurance adjusters will often ask you to sign a medical authorization form that won’t just allow them to see the medical records associated with your Kentucky truck accident, but your entire medical history, including injuries and treatments that may have occurred 20 years ago!

The reason the insurance adjuster wants this information is so they can pour over your medical history and try to prove that pre-existing conditions or older injuries are the “real” cause of your current plight, and not the result of being struck by an 18-wheeler. 

While we would like to assume that any reasonable judge and jury could see your injuries are the direct result of a major truck accident, insurance companies will use every trick in their book to deny your claim or offer the lowest settlement possible. And you’d be surprised how much they can get away with when they have the right ammo. Don’t give the insurance company any opportunity to deny or limit your truck accident claim!

That’s why it is so important to never sign any paperwork from an insurance company without first having your Louisville truck accident lawyer look it over. This way, someone who is looking out for your best interests can explain what each form really means and how to defend your truck injury claim.

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Contacting a Louisville Truck Accident Lawyer

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