Is Vitamin C an Effective Treatment for Sepsis?

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hand holding vitamin C blockSepsis is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical treatment. Treatment for nursing home residents with sepsis often includes antibiotics and IV fluids. Treatment may also include corticosteroids, surgery, kidney dialysis, vasopressors, and breathing assistance.

While one or more of these treatments may help a nursing home resident with sepsis, researchers are always looking for additional effective treatments that could save lives.

Vitamin C to Treat Sepsis

Over the last few years, some doctors have included vitamin C in their sepsis treatment plans. Various studies have found that vitamin C could help prevent organ failure and death in sepsis patients, including the following:

  • A 2014 study of 24 patients conducted by Professor Fowler at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine found that vitamin C could help prevent organ failure in sepsis patients.
  • In 2017, Dr. Marik at Eastern Virginia Medical School claimed that he had been treating sepsis patients with vitamin C, corticosteroids, and vitamin B1 and that sepsis fatalities in his ICU had decreased significantly since he started using this treatment.
  • Professor Fowler and his colleagues did a larger study in 2019 to determine whether vitamin C made a difference for sepsis patients. The study of 167 patients found that vitamin C treatment did not make a significant difference in organ function, inflammation, or vascular injury. However, the patients treated with vitamin C did have a lower death rate and fewer days in ICU than the patients who did not receive the treatment.

More research is necessary to determine whether vitamin C is useful in the treatment of sepsis. However, if your loved one has sepsis, you might want to discuss vitamin C treatment with her doctor.

Pursue Justice After Sepsis Treatment

If a Kentucky nursing home’s negligence caused sepsis in your loved one, you need to take action. Your loved one, or her estate, may be able to recover for the medical costs, physical pain, emotional suffering, and out-of-pocket expenses caused by sepsis.

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