Severe Injuries Resulted When a Distracted Driver Hit Our Client Head-On

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Kentucky has too many injuries and deaths as a result of distracted drivers. Drivers are becoming more attentive to their phones and less attentive to the road. It is an epidemic and something needs to be done.

Our firm has represented numerous clients involved in serious car accidents as a result of distracted drivers. Recently, our firm successfully resolved a case for insurance policy limits involving a young man injured during a head-on collision by a driver that was texting. Incredibly, our client survived the impact which occurred with both vehicles traveling in opposite directions at over 50 miles per hour. At impact, both vehicles flipped pinning both drivers inside their trucks. The negligent driver sustained only soft tissue injuries but our client suffered several broken bones including a fractured shoulder, clavicle(collarbone), humerus, tibia, and fibula.

Serious Injuries Meant Our Client Was Out of Work for Significant Time

He worked as a construction worker and was unable to return to this job for over a year due to his injuries from the car wreck. The accident occurred during a clear sunny day on an open stretch of road. It was obvious that but for the other driver looking at his phone versus looking at the road the wreck would not have occurred.

Typical Insurance Company Tactics Were No Match for Our Attorneys

As usual, the other driver’s insurance company tried to blame our client for “not avoiding” the other truck. They also claimed his injuries were “not as severe” as we claimed. Unfortunately, these offensive tactics are all too commonly used by insurance companies to get out of paying claims they know they should pay.

As a result of their refusal to accept full responsibility for the wreck we litigated the case for several months proving that their driver was 100% at fault and that our client’s injuries were not only severe but also greatly impacted his wage-earning potential for years to come due to his susceptibility to arthritis and future medical conditions.

Our team of top accident reconstructionist and investigators were able to compile overwhelmingly evidence against the negligent driver and their insurance company to force them to pay. Without their quick action and years of experience, crucial evidence would have been lost and the case would have been more difficult to prove. This is just one more example of just how crucial it is to hire a lawyer and law firm that has the experience and recourses to successfully handle complex serious injury cases.