Hit-and-Run Truck Accident Victim With Spinal Cord Injury and TBI Obtains a Significant Settlement

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Our firm was recently hired to help a family whose husband was severely injured after being hit by a semi-truck. This case was unusual because the family wasn’t sure who hit them—the semi-truck left the scene of the accident.

The family was in desperate need of help. The man who was injured was a husband and father of three minor children; he was the sole source of income for his family. Before the accident, he worked at a local home improvement store in the warehouse. After the accident, his spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury left him unable to work.

Relentless Investigation Connects a Truck to Our Hit-and-Run Accident

This wasn’t the first time our firm had dealt with a hit-and-run accident case, so we knew exactly what to do. Our team immediately secured all of the video surveillance in the area from gas stations and roadway cameras. We then subpoenaed records from all of the weigh stations in the area. In addition, our private investigators set out to interview dozens of potential witnesses in an effort to find identifying information on the semi-truck. After nearly two weeks of non-stop investigative work, we had a break in the case: a witness had seen a fast-moving semi-truck on the road near the time of the accident.

We then used the witness’s description to track the truck to various gas stations, and eventually, to a weigh station over 150 miles away. After obtaining credit card receipts and video footage from the weigh station, we were able to positively identify the tractor and trailer involved in the wreck in Kentucky. We used an out-of-state subpoena to inspect the truck and were able to match the paint and damage of our client’s car to the semi-truck.

Truck Accident Settlement Will Provide for the Entire Family

Using our team of life care planners, we developed a comprehensive life care plan for our client, detailing the medical bills and treatment for the remainder of his life expectancy. We used an expert economist to establish the loss of his income due to the wreck. After presenting this to the truck company, along with our liability expert opinions which demonstrated that the truck was traveling far in excess of the posted speed limit, we were able to settle the lawsuit for an amount that will provide for the entire family for years to come. This was a difficult case from the outset, but like all of our cases, it was one worth fighting for to the end.  

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