Nursing Home Resident Dies From Stage Four Bedsores

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An 89-year-old woman was residing in a Kentucky nursing home after teaching preschool for more than 40 years and raising five children—two of whom are school teachers and three of whom are career military. One day, the nursing home sent the resident to the emergency room of a local hospital because she was having trouble breathing.

But That’s Not All the Doctors Found

Once the woman was taken to the hospital, the hospital staff found that she had sustained two stage four bedsores and that she had developed a serious bone infection known as osteomyelitis. She underwent five corrective surgeries but she died several days later from sepsis that was linked to osteomyelitis.

The Nursing Home Fought Hard Against Her Estate’s Fair Recovery

For more than a year, the nursing home fought the claim. The nursing home lost all of the photos taken by the wound care specialist and more than half of the staff responsible for her care had been fired before the lawsuit was filed, which made finding witnesses difficult.

Ultimately, however, we were able to prove that this honorable woman had been neglected and that her injuries had been caused by the nursing home staff’s failure to properly turn her and make sure that she was adequately hydrated.

The case settled for a confidential amount and with the expectation that this nursing home will hire staff to properly care for residents and to avoid this kind of tragedy in the future.

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