I am the named plaintiff in a class action lawsuit in Kentucky. I just heard that the Supreme Court is considering revising class action laws. What’s it all about?

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The U.S. Supreme Court agreed on August 31 to review a case in which Travelers’ Standard Fire Insurance is accused of “failing to fully reimburse losses.” An Arkansas judge ruled that Travelers could not move the case to federal court because the plaintiffs stated that they were seeking damages of less than $5 million.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the United States Chamber of Commerce is challenging an existing practice used by attorneys for plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit. Currently, class action suits that seek damages of more than $5 million are heard in federal court, where they are more likely to be ruled in the defendants’ favor. By agreeing not to pursue awards of more than $5 million, plaintiffs’ lawyers have a better chance of having their cases heard in a state courtroom, where they and the class representatives tend to reap the bulk of any award. Also, defendants lose the procedural protections they would receive in federal court.

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