My dad recently went into a nursing home here in Louisville. From what I’ve seen and from what he’s told me, he’s not getting any exercise there. I worry that he will develop contractures and other problems associated with lack of movement. What should I do?

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You’re right to be concerned. My guess is that the nursing home, like most, is understaffed. I’m not making excuses for them; they probably are so overworked that they don’t even realize what’s falling by the wayside. Do them and your dad a favor and speak to the nursing home manager.

If you point out to the manager that your dad isn’t getting exercise and you state your concerns, you will likely get a positive response. Although nursing homes are a business, I’d like to think that most people who go into a field in which they help or care for others truly care themselves.

One thing you might consider is taking your dad for a walk when you visit—nothing extensive, just start by walking around the floor his room is on. If it’s a gorgeous day, take him outside, even if it’s a bit chilly. Make sure he has enough warm clothing; remember that the elderly have lost a lot of the subcutaneous fat layer that helps us to stay warm when we’re younger.

Even small amounts of exercise are necessary for people who live in Kentucky nursing homes. Your loved one who is not getting the exercise he or she needs is a victim of Kentucky nursing home negligence

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