My mother had a stroke the day after she left the hospital. Could I have a Louisville medical malpractice case?

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It’s possible. Unfortunately, many stroke victims are misdiagnosed, especially if they are under fifty or are not considered high-risk. Patients who report feeling dizzy or fatigued may be given prescriptions for pain medication or vitamins, only to suffer a stroke in the next few days. 

Dizziness, fatigue and tingling in the extremities may be signs of a migraine—but they are also the early symptoms of a stroke. A stroke is an interruption of blood flow to the brain; since the blood keeps oxygen running to the brain cells, any interruption will cause the brain cells to die. If not treated quickly, a patient may suffer permanent brain injury in Kentucky or even early death as a result of stroke misdiagnosis. 

Here are a few more life-changing injuries a stroke victim may suffer: 

  • Muscle weakness
  • Impaired movement
  • Loss of speaking ability
  • Memory problems
  • Bladder or bowel incontinence
  • Inability to swallow
  • Loss of cognitive abilities
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Death

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