What are some common sound alike drugs?

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Drugs that look and sound alike are quite common. They could also lead to serious or even fatal injuries if they are mixed up. Meet with a Kentucky injury law firm if you were the victim of a medication error.

Here are some examples of common sound-alike drugs: 

  • Celebrex – Celexa;
  • Fosamax – Flomax;
  • Lodine – Codeine;
  • Miralax – Mirapex;
  • Prozac – Prilosec;
  • Risperdal – Restoril;
  • Klonopin – Clonidine; and
  • Tobrex – Tobradex. 

In addition, some medications may have the same name, such as Sudafed, but there may be different types, such as Sudafed PE. Mucinex also comes as Mucinex D or Mucinex DM.

Having an awareness of drugs that look and sound alike can help reduce the chance that a mix up will occur. You can do your part, but if a doctor or pharmacist mistake causes you to take the wrong medication, they may be held liable.

While some drug mix ups may only lead to mild effects, if any, others could be severe or even deadly. This is especially true if patients have drug allergies or if they are given the wrong dosage.

In any situation where patients are injured because of a medical mistake, they may be entitled to compensation that addresses their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

To learn if you have a legitimate claim worth pursuing, you should speak immediately with a Kentucky injury law firm. An attorney will evaluate the details of your case carefully to determine if you should proceed with your claim and what types of compensation you may be entitled to seek. 

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