What can I do to demonstrate that the pharmacy put the wrong pills or dosage in the bottle, thereby leading to an overdose?

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There may be a few ways that you can demonstrate the pharmacy put the wrong pills or dosage in the bottle, leading to an overdose. Although proving pharmacy mistakes in Kentucky can be challenging, you shouldn’t let it stop you. Contact a Kentucky medication error lawyer to learn what your rights are.

One of the ways you can show the wrong pills were put into a prescription bottle is by checking the pharmacy’s records. It should have on hand a record that indicates the medication that was ordered.

What you find on the record should match with what is on your bottle. There may be a computer printout that can also show the record.

However, there is the chance that records will match your bottle, yet the pills inside still could be wrong. You may wish to have another pharmacist with no connection to the drugstore examine the pills and your prescription records to verify if they are incorrect.

Pharmacies should have on hand a drug book with pictures, which can help identify pills. If you need to demonstrate the wrong dosage was given, you can check what is inside your bottle against the pharmacy’s records.

If you believe that you suffered serious injuries or a loved one was fatally injured as a result of the wrong medication, you should seek help from a Kentucky medication error lawyer. A lawyer may be able to find other ways to demonstrate the wrong pills were given.

When pharmacy mistakes in Kentucky lead to an overdose and injuries, you may have the right to compensation. Don’t delay in seeking help from a lawyer. 

Contacting a Kentucky Medication Error Lawyer

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