What can I expect during a personal injury case in Louisville?

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It’s difficult to say what you can expect to happen during a personal injury case. Each one is unique with various factors that will impact the complexity it. 

This is why you may benefit in discussing your case with a Louisville accident lawyer. However, there are some general steps you can anticipate when you decide to pursue a personal injury claim against another party. After an accident, the initial step is to file a claim. 

After the defendant has received papers indicating your intention to seek compensation, they will respond. In most cases they have 30 days in which to provide a response. There may be circumstances where they request additional time. 

Although it would make things much easier if the response was an admittance of your allegations, you can expect a denial most of the time. After a denial, the next stage of the process known as discovery.

During discovery, the plaintiff and defendant will need to respond to questions from the other side. Responding to the opposing side should be done with the help of a Louisville accident lawyer. You will be given a deadline in which to provide your answers. The discovery period may also include depositions and additional medical examinations, if the defendant’s attorney requests it. 

At any point, negotiations or mediation may be done to reach a settlement. If one cannot be reached, it will move into a trial. Once the trial has been completed, a verdict will be issued and if the plaintiff has won, the amount awarded by the court will be disbursed.

This entire personal injury case process can be complicated and last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years or even more. Because of the uncertainty, you should have legal counsel.

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