3 Steps Your Doctor Could Have Taken to Prevent a Pikeville Brain Injury Death

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Head trauma is one of the most serious injuries a person will ever face. Patients often arrive at the emergency room unconscious, leaving their fates in the hands of whichever doctors are on staff that day. Unfortunately for many head injury victims, a visit that begins with emergency treatment may end in the ER as well—not because of the extent of the injury, but because ER doctors made fatal mistakes in treating their conditions.

Nurses and doctors may have contributed to your loved one’s Pikeville brain injury death by failing to:

  • Order referrals – Since the brain controls the entire body, a head injury requires multiple diagnoses from many different doctors. Neurosurgeons can determine the extent of the brain trauma, while ophthalmologists and neurologists may check for signs of sensory problems or changes in brain function. Internal medicine doctors may also examine the patient for additional injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Perform tests – Patients should have blood tests and x-rays, but also further diagnostic testing to rule out potentially fatal brain injuries. CAT scans and MRIs can help detect swelling or bleeding in the brain, especially if they are performed several times while the patient is in the hospital.
  • Provide supervision – When family members are left in the waiting room, they are told that their loved ones will be taken care of. However, many unconscious patients will be left alone between tests and treatments, relying on monitors to alert the staff of a sudden downturn.
  • Get consent – Doctors cannot perform certain procedures on an unconscious patient without consent of his or her family members. If a doctor performed a risky procedure that led to patient death, you should have the matter investigated immediately.

After a loved one suffers a brain injury death in a Pikeville hospital, it can be difficult to know exactly what caused the loss of life. Your relative may have sustained too much trauma to be revived in the ER, was over-sedated in surgery, or suffered additional complications while in intensive care. The only way to be sure is to hire a wrongful death attorney to find out if the hospital is liable for a medical mistake. Call Gray and White today at 888-450-4456 to speak with an attorney about your case.

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